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The Golden Pheasant Pub of Biggleswade

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71 High Street
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From the 12th April 2021, we will be reopening from 11am.  For garden service only until government guidelines allow people inside.  Its been a tough year for all, and we are looking forward to seeing all customers return.  For the 1st week or 2 we will have limited ales on tap, due to what is available to us at the moment.  Hopefully this will change in the not very distant future.

Please do understand, we have to take every individuals details for the track and trace system which has been outlined for us to reopen.  Also, it is still under the rule of 6 to a table, and we do have a limited space in the garden.

Thanks for all your understanding through this tough time and hopefully people can look to getting back to a normal way of life soon.

Paddy and the team


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All pictures used are courtesy of the Biggleswade History Society & the books by Ken Page

The Grade II listed building dates back to the 18th century when it was originally a cottage in 1753 and was owned by Elizabeth Hawkins.
In 1837 the cottage contained a front shop, parlour, brewhouse and warehouse.
The Golden Pheasant was converted into a beerhouse and was first licensed in 1851, gaining a full license by 1855 with James Melrose being the first licensee. Frederick Reddern, of Horne Lane Brewery, Bedford, purchased the pub in 1856. The brewery was eventually taken over by Charles Wells in 1876. As far as tenants of the Golden Pheasant are concerned, in 1869 Walter Wren, a fishmonger with Lowestoft connections took over.

Biggleswade History - The Golden Pheasant 1920's
Biggleswade History - The Golden Pheasant 1960's

The Golden Pheasant

The Ultimate Place for the best Ales

Without any doubt, our brewery and ales are the ultimate go-to location for any kind of a distinctively different beer











Our Concept


As a concept, the Speciality Beer House is innovative… As an example, The Golden Pheasant is outstanding! In 2007, Charles Wells Pub Company launched the first two pubs in a new development concept known as the “Speciality Beer House”.

The Bedford Arms (Bedford) and The Golden Pheasant (Biggleswade) were refurbished under the Speciality Beer House identity and provide a celebration of beer, with an unrivalled choice of beer styles for consumers. They demonstrate excellence in all areas of cellar management and alcohol retailing and offer the chance for beer lovers and novices, male and female, to explore the different ranges of beer available.

The Speciality Beer House isn’t just about making beers available, as the offer and service are an important element of the concept. Certain criteria have been established to ensure the Speciality Beer House delivers what consumers want and, in turn, help our retailers run a successful business operation Guidelines for operating a Speciality Beer House include achieving cask marque accreditation and working closely with CAMRA. They should also provide a good range of bottled beers from Britain and overseas, offering a range of fruit and wheat beers, ciders and perrys with the licensee and bar staff all demonstrating a good knowledge of, and passion for beer. A further benefit for consumers who are unsure of where to start their journey of beer appreciation, is the opportunity to try a sample before they buy. Here at the Golden Pheasant, we welcome our customers to taste the beers!

The Speciality Beer Houses present the range of fabulous beers brewed in Bedford by Wells & Young’s Brewing Co Ltd but as licensees, we also have the option to incorporate a diverse selection of other beers selected from independent and micro breweries to compliment the range, something which we take very seriously and take great care to do with a careful eye for detail and flavour. The interior of the Golden Pheasant compliments the Speciality Beer House identity by being decorated in a traditional, comfortable, easy style with simplicity that makes everyone feel instantly at home.

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    Contact Details

    The Golden Pheasant
    71 High Street
    SG18 0JH

    01767 313653